Personality tests could help employers hire an honest staff

A personality test could help hire honest employees

When conducting an interview, a candidate may have all of the right answers but could be lacking other values and morals that are good for the workplace. Because of this issue, employers may want to consider administering personality tests to their potential future workers to ensure they have the ethics that the business is looking for.

Exchange Magazine, which discusses business and economic development, suggests that using personality tests could be one way to ensure hiring an honest staff. These exams can help determine whether a job candidate is more likely to be honest or dishonest.

"Although it may seem complex, one hedge against employee theft and fraud is to redesign the hiring process to help screen for employees who suffer from ‘selective integrity,’" Denis Collins, author of Essentials of Business Ethics, told the news provider.

Personality tests can help determine the extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness of an individual. There are specific personality tests available for examining what an applicant’s work behavior would be like.

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