Personality tests may limit the number of narcissists in business schools

Narcissists may face difficulty in the workforce if not addressed sooner 

Many individuals entering business school could have a certain sense of narcissism, which could cause problems within the program.

As a result of this behavior, BusinessWeek is reporting that some business schools are opting to give personality tests to their students in order to determine what kind of applicants they’re receiving. The news provider points out that the interview may not always be effective in determining a narcissist, as they tend to be likable individuals in the short-term.

Because narcissists believe that they are above the rules, they can sometimes cause a disturbance within the curriculum.

Additionally, if the problem is not taken care of in school, these people could have an awakening when they enter the working world and realize that not everything will be handed to them. With job security becoming a thing of the past, it is important to be a team player.

Personality tests also serve as a way to determine whether or not an applicant is giving fake answers, as it can be fairly obvious if some individuals are simply providing answers they believe administrators want to hear.

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