Poor interview skills may lead to a lack of results

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Despite a high national unemployment rate, people are still finding work. While some may question their credentials, the reason for their lack of job offers may simply be due to the fact that they have poor interview skills.

The New York Times recently offered a few tips for jobseekers that, when used, may just lead to more offers.

For instance, the news source recommended that applicants think about their wardrobe before they head to their interview. This is not a time to dress casually. That means jeans, or anything people would typically wear to the beach, should remain in the closet. Once these individuals are appropriately dressed, they need to make sure they arrive for their appointment well ahead of its scheduled time.

Furthermore, the news outlet reported that researching a prospective employer before a meeting can yield enough knowledge to help individuals speak convincingly about their reasons for interviewing.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one’s body language is also important during an interview. Jobseekers can show their interest in a position by making eye contact and resisting the urge to slouch.

People should also consider whether their lack of job offers has anything to do with the types of positions they are applying for. Taking a career test may point individuals toward jobs that they are better suited for.

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