Pre-employment personality tests can maximize interview time

 Pre-employment personality tests can maximize interview time

As the number of job applicants rises, more companies are turning to the pre-employent personality test as a way to separate qualified candidates from the rest.

According to the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), between 30 and 50 percent of large employers are using personality assessment tools to see which applicants will be the best fit for their organizations, as well as the integrity candidates have. These tests can be especially helpful as online applications have increased the number of resumes businesses have to sort through when looking to hire new workers.

"By having data available before meeting with a person face to face it can maximize the interview time and confirm that what is being said by the candidate is genuine," Melissa Hulsey, president and chief executive officer of the staffing firm Ashton, told Smart Business.

Hulsey added that knowledge is power, and pre-employment personality assessments can provide a range of helpful information that makes them a worthwhile tool.

While the results of personality tests can prove helpful during the hiring process, companies need to remember to use other data when making their final decisions, BNA reported.

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