Ready for Back to School?

The new school year is upon us converting the latency of summer for millions of children back into the yearly grind of homework, essays, and book reports.  From year to year the material children cover can vary quite significantly: especially in Social Studies and Math.  While a child needs to use “mental floss” to get back in learning mode for reading, writing and mathematics after summer vacation, his intelligence quotient remains relatively constant throughout his life.

What is your child’s IQ?

An excellent way to measure intelligence is to have your child take a certified intelligence test such as our ISIQ, Children’s Version.  The ISIQ is a detailed intelligence exam that accurately calculates your child’s intelligence taking into account age and numerous other factors.

The ISIQ is the new standard in measuring intelligence for children and it gives you accurate intelligence quotient results at a price hundreds of dollars less than psychologist administered intelligence tests.

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