Research suggests that a study break may not be needed

Study breaks may just be a mindset

Sometimes when students are stressed, they decide to take a break from their tasks such as studying in order to clear their heads and come back fully energized and ready to learn. However, new research is going against the notion that willpower constantly needs to be replenished.

A new study published in Psychological Science found that a person’s own mindset and personal beliefs about willpower could determine how long they are able to work on a mental exercise.

"If you think of willpower as something that’s biologically limited, you’re more likely to be tired when you perform a difficult task," said Veronika Job, the paper’s lead author. "But if you think of willpower as something that is not easily depleted, you can go on and on."

The researchers go on to suggest that students who may have problems concentrating may be told by others that they need more study breaks in order to get through their tasks. However, this could potentially hurt their chances of working through certain challenges.

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