Researchers hope study results can lead to higher IQ test scores

A new study indicates that if people can store data equally between their left and right hemispheres they could have higher IQ test scores.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that the left and right hemispheres of the brain store information separately, Science News reports. Researchers hope this information can lead to the creation of techniques for boosting memory capacity, which is significant because working memory ability can affect IQ test scores.

Results from the study would explain why people can only remember a few objects at one time. The study also suggests that if individuals deliver equal amounts of data to both hemispheres of the brain, they would be able to increase their cognitive abilities.

In order to come to these conclusions, researchers tested two monkeys. These animals were shown between two and five colored squares for less than a second. They were then shown the items again but with one of the squares being a different color. The monkeys had to indicate which square changed, the news outlet reports.

According to Miami Dade College, the belief that the brain has two distinct hemispheres is called lateralization. While the left side specializes in analytical thoughts, logic, categorizing and time sequences, the right side focuses on topics like feelings, emotions, visualization, creativity and rhythm.

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