Ring in the new year with a personality change

Ring in the new year with a personality change

For some individuals, New Year's Eve provides an opportunity to say goodbye to their old selves as they welcome 2013 with a fresh outlook on life. The new year is a great time for people to take a personality test and try to change things about themselves they do not like.

However, anybody who has ever made a New Year's resolution knows how hard it is to keep one. As a result, those who wish to change their personality in 2013 may wonder if this is even possible.

Based on research from the University of Manchester's School of Psychological Sciences, people can indeed change their personalities. In fact, such changes are important to people's overall well being.

"Compared with external factors, such as a pay rise, getting married or finding employment, personality change is just as likely and contributes much more to improvements in our personal well being," said the University's Chris Boyce, who also served as the study's lead author.

With this in mind, people may want to think about what the results of their personality test say about them, and establish some New Year's resolutions that will help them change what they do not like about themselves.


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