Several types of personalities are linked to innovation

Several types of personalities are linked to innovation

Anybody who has hopes of becoming the next Steve Jobs may want to take a personality test and see if they have the same entrepreneurial spirit as the late Apple co-founder.

Based on the results of their personality test, people can find out if they have any of the traits that the U.S. Small Business Administration feels entrepreneurs possess, including creativity, independence and drive. At the same time, this assessment may reveal that individuals have what Forbes considers to be the five major personalities crucial for innovation.

For instance, movers and shakers are driven leaders with a desire to create a lasting legacy, the news source reported. These individuals push projects forward and make sure things get done. Similarly, controllers are individuals who believe in structure, avoid risks and focus on concrete objectives.

Then, there are the experimenters, who, according to the news outlet, can be perfectionists and workaholics due to their persistent nature and dedication to innovation.

The star pupil personality belongs to anybody who has the natural ability to excel at anything they tackle, while the hangers-on rely on wisdom and put things in perspective.

While there is no definitive set of characteristics that guarantees somebody will become the next Steve Jobs, any one of these personality traits may provide a hint of one’s innovative abilities.

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