Spatial Intelligence

The Free IQ Test on our website consists of four distinct sections: quantitative, spatial, verbal, words, and fill in the blank.  Each are designed to test a different area of intelligence to generate the final IQ score.  From my experience, the most intriguing aspects of tests like this is the elements of spatial reasoning.  What I mean by spatial reasoning is thinking about objects and space and using those mental visual images to calculate answers.  For some people, this can be quite challenging, for others it is quite easy.

The Free IQ Test is a 42-question test which will give a mostly accurate IQ score especially for a test of its brevity.  If you want an even more accurate assessment, why not take the Spatial IQ Quiz which is a 200-item test and goes into more depth.  This will give you the opportunity to test out those spatial reasoning skills!  And best of all, it is FREE!

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  1. Fernando Tropia June 9, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    I would like to practice spatial IQ

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