Study finds female executives are more than twice as likely to leave their positions

More female executives left their posts

In the current state of the economy, many people are concerned about their job security, despite how they may feel about their positions.  However, a new study found that a female executive is more likely to leave her role than her male counterpart.

According to research published in Economic Inquiry, women executives were more than twice as likely to leave their jobs either voluntarily or involuntarily compared to men. Approximately 7.2 percent of women executives left their jobs, compared to 2.8 percent of men last year.

"We really had to dig deep to tease out any systematic patterns behind these departures," said lead author John Becker-Blease. "We did find that women were slightly more likely to leave smaller firms, and firms with more male-dominated boards, but this was a small effect size."

The researchers noted that although there are some female executive departures that make the news, there is still very little known about the number of female executives who leave their posts.

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