Study finds sleep helps lead to creative thinking through memory reorganization

Getting rest could boost thinking the next morning

Students who need to boost their creative thinking may want to consider getting more sleep, as a new study is suggesting that rest will not only make someone’s memory stronger, but may also help with creativity.

According to research published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, sleep helps reorganize memories to help produce new and creative ideas. The researchers suggest that these reconstructions are a new development that has not been seen before.

"Sleep is making memories stronger," says Jessica D. Payne of the University of Notre Dame, who co-wrote the review with Elizabeth A. Kensinger of Boston College. "It also seems to be doing something which I think is so much more interesting, and that is reorganizing and restructuring memories."

The researchers are hopeful that these findings will help open people’s eyes to the fact that they need sleep in their everyday lives and should make it a priority to get a healthy amount of rest.

Those who want to boost their creative thinking may want to consider sleeping more in order to help boost the process.

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