Study suggests funding in early childhood programs could lead to a big future return

The more money that is invested, the bigger the potential return 

While the education system continues to fight tight budgets, a new study is suggesting there could be a number of benefits from putting more funding in for early education programs in the long run.

According to researchers from the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development, for every $1 that was invested in an early education program in Chicago, about $11 has been projected to return to society throughout the attendees’ lifetimes.

"Our findings provide strong evidence that sustained high-quality early childhood programs can contribute to well-being for individuals and society," said researcher Arthur Reynolds, director of the Chicago Longitudinal Study and co-director of the Human Capital Research Collaborative at the University of Minnesota. "The large-scale CPC program has one of the highest economic returns of any social program for young people."

Reynolds believes these findings would help highlight the importance of having funding in education systems, particularly focusing on early childhood programs such as preschool.

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