Summer is a great time to practice…

We are asked all the time, "What is the best time of the year to purchase practice materials and when should I start practicing?".  Most tend to wait until the last minute to purchase the materials, but one of the best times is actually during the summer months.

Bright Education offers practice test accounts for the standardized exams such as the ITBS / Iowa Testing, TerraNova, SAT-10, and many others.  Our most popular package is the one year account and so if you purchase that during the summer, you will get the most use out of the account for your upcoming grade level. 

Students also tend to lose some of the knowledge that they have accumulated in the past year, so practicing in the summertime can also give students that edge and keep their minds sharp well into the next school year.  Our materials are good to use as a review of the previous year’s materials as well as a way to get ahead for the next year and challenge more advanced students.

For more information on our practice tests, including pricing for our affordable year-long packages, please visit our pricing and ordering page:

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