Survey finds more than half of Americans love their jobs

More than half of Americans reportedly love what they do 

A career aptitude test may help individuals get into a career path that best suits them, ultimately leading them to a prosperous career. According to a recent survey from Randstad, a human resourcing services company, more than half of Americans reportedly love their jobs.
More than half of the survey respondents said that they loved their jobs, while 62 percent of survey takers believed that they were "loved back" by their employers. Study conductors were surprised by these findings, as previous reports have indicated that many people are feeling the strains of the recession, which is complicating their feelings toward their profession due to strenuous workloads.
"It’s somewhat surprising that such a large percentage of workers say they love their job today despite layoffs, cutbacks and bigger workloads," said Dr. Eileen Habelow, senior vice president of organizational development for Randstad. "This could point to feelings of gratitude and appreciation for being employed when so many have been laid off."
Additionally, 66 percent of respondents who said they loved their jobs said that it was because of the line of work they were in. A career aptitude test may help individuals come to this realization before they get stuck in a career they do not feel valued in.
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