Tech-savvy toddler passionate about learning

Tech-savvy toddler passionate about learning

When children begin to show signs that they are more talented than others their age, parents may want to have them take an IQ test for kids. According to the National Association for Gifted Children, testing provides parents with a way to document their kids’ talents and gifts. With this information, mothers and fathers can make decisions that can help their children better develop these gifts.

At 2 years old, Sherwyn Sarabi is too young to take an IQ test, the Daily Mail reported. However, the parents of this young, U.K. resident do not need to see test scores to know their child is gifted. At just 10 months, Sherwyn spoke his first words. By 18 months, he was successfully naming all 2D and 3D shapes. Today, he is a truly tech-savvy toddler, as he can use an iPad to locate his favorite programs on YouTube all by himself.

Gifted children are known to be inquisitive, and Sherwyn certainly possesses this trait.

"It's non-stop questions with Sherwyn – we can't go anywhere with him without him asking 'Why? Why? Why?' about things going on around him," his mother Amanda told the news source.

In addition to an unending stream of questions, Sherwyn has been known to wake his parents in the middle of the night and tell them what he learned during the day.

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