Teenager hopes to hold three degrees by the age of 18

Teenager hopes to hold three degrees by the age of 18

This spring, Kimberly Koerth will not only earn her high school diploma, but an associate’s degree from Central Arizona College (CAC) as well, San Tan Valley Today reported. At the age of 15, Koerth may not have her driver’s license yet, but she is looking to hold a master’s degree by the time she turns 18.

CAC provides students with an opportunity to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously, which appeals to Koerth.

"It could be possible for me to have my master’s degree before I turn 18," Koerth told the news source. "I couldn’t believe I could graduate that fast. It wasn’t that hard, as long as you can manage your time."

Koerth’s accelerated education began when she set out to find an advanced math curriculum while she was in the eighth grade. She was directed toward CAC, spoke to an adviser at the school and was soon taking online algebra courses. While juggling high school and college classes, Koerth also managed to play the French horn in CAC’s wind ensemble.

If parents feel their children are similar to Koerth, they may be gifted individuals. In addition to having them take an IQ test for kids, parents should observe whether these youths display heightened sensitivity or good problem-solving skills. According to the National Society for the Gifted & Talented, these are both signs of giftedness.

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