The characteristics of a good manager

 The characteristics of a good manager

There are certain traits that great managers possess that can help ensure a productive work environment, according to BNET, The CBS Interactive Business Network.

For instance, the news source reported that managers who have a sense of humor and humility will be able to build better relationships with their employees. Keeping a level-head during a crisis and not feeling the need to flaunt one’s power or knowledge can make a boss seem more approachable and less distant.

In addition, having confidence in one’s own decisions and opinions is also the mark of a great manager, according to the news outlet. This includes the ability to take employees aside and tell them when they are making a mistake.

CareerBuilder states that the ability to create an atmosphere of trust is also vital to being a great boss. Managers can achieve this by keeping promises and following through on commitments that have been made.

Individuals who are unsure if a managerial position is best for them may want to take a business management aptitude test and see if they possess the characteristics that are crucial to being a good boss.

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