Toogs and Bekes and IQ

A visitor who took our Free IQ Test had a comment regarding one of the questions.

In order not to jeopardize the accuracy of your results on our free quiz, we have changed the question slightly but kept the meaning the same.

I have a couple comments with regard to an item on the IQ test, “If some CRAMMERS are WIDGETS and some WIDGETS are BLOGGERS, then some CRAMMERS are definitely BLOGGERS”.

Comment #1:   In your explanation of the answer, you substitute the words CRAMMERS, WIDGETS, and BLOGGERS with the words CATS, ANIMALS, and DOGS, so the sentence reads “if some CATS are ANIMALS, and some ANIMALS are DOGS, then some CATS are definitely DOGS”. However, this doesn’t make any sense since ALL CATS are ANIMALS. It would make much more sense to use the words SNAKES, PETS, and DOGS as substitutions, so the sentence reads, “If some SNAKES are PETS, and some PETS are DOGS, then some SNAKES are definitely DOGS”, in which case the answer would indeed be FALSE. (I prefer to use SNAKES rather than CATS since it is not entirely accurate to say that “SOME CATS are pets” since in actuality, “MOST CATS are pets”, while the most accurate statement with regard to SNAKES would indeed be that SOME SNAKES are PETS).

Comment #2: Although the substitutions I suggested in Comment #1 further strengthen your contention regarding the answer, I am not so sure that this is always the case. For example, if I instead substitute the words CRAMMERS, WIDGETS, and BLOGGERS with the words DOGS, POODLES, and GRAY, so the sentence reads, “if some DOGS are POODLES, and some POODLES are GRAY, then some DOGS are definitely GRAY, wouldn’t that make this sentence TRUE?

These are great comments and it is always good to be analytical of tests and questions especially with IQ Tests and Spatial IQ Quizzes.  These tests and quizzes are really meant to get your mind going as an exercise as much as an accurate assessment of your IQ score.  

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  1. Halcyon. Age: 17. IQ: 128 November 3, 2008 at 2:23 am #

    The problem is that an invalid substitution was made and it created an illusion. "Animal" is a superclass of dog and cat, and "pet" is a superclass of snake and cat.Crammers, Widgets, and Bloggers are all of equal class. The point of using 3 nonsense words is that you will classify them in the same manner. Animal is a conceptual noun while cat and dog are concrete nouns. The illusion is that makes linguistic sense to say some animals are dogs but not necessarily syllogistic sense.

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