Regular personalities take a vacation on holiday

Personality Vacation Test

When people take a vacation, there is a profound impact on their mental health, Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist, told Inside Science. This action can provide them with a better perspective on life and foster greater motivation, she said.

However, that's not all a vacation can do. According to, a website dedicated to comparing the best travel deals in the U.K., people's personalities change when they take a holiday, The Daily Mail reported.

Overall, 51 percent of British tourists believe they experience personality changes when they go away on vacation. Of travelers who are in a relationship, 42 percent said they witness a change in their partner's personality. This caused 32 percent of individuals to recognize a difference in their relationship while away from home.

As for the types of changes people go through on vacation, 24 percent believe their partner becomes more demanding. Meanwhile, 23 percent of tourists said their partner seems more willing to take charge.

If individuals notice a major change in their behavior following a vacation, they may want to take a personality test and see how different they really are.

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