Vision tests may accurately predict IQ

IQ Vision test

When people want to see how intelligent they are, they frequently turn to an IQ test. However, new research indicates that there may be another way to accurately predict how smart people are: a simple vision test.

Fox News reports that a study published in the journal "Current Biology" indicates that people's ability to focus on visual cues in the foreground, while avoiding those in the background, is strongly linked to their IQ. This correlation was so significant that by testing individuals' motion suppression skills – or their ability to focus on action in the foreground and ignore background motion – was better at predicting IQ scores than analyzing subsections of individuals' IQ tests.

Still, scientists caution that solid visual processing skills do not necessarily make people more intelligent. Instead, they believe there are brain processes that are linked to both visual processing and intelligence.

This is not the first time scientists have found a link between visual processing abilities and IQ. A 1997 study published in "Intelligence" shows that inspection time – or the time it takes people to make decisions about target stimuli during visual processing – is also correlated with IQ.

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