Visualization Intelligence

How well we put together our presentations for our job can say a lot for who we are.  A sloppy presentation with unintelligible charts and graphs can not only say that we are lazy but can also vie towards our level of visual intelligence.  On the flip side, a good presentation can attest to our success.  With computers now de facto and no longer an impressive demonstration of our futuristic thinking, now more than ever do we need to focus on our visual acuteness when it comes to creating effective presentations.

Raffael Marty from IT World in his article, “How do you create good visualisations?”, describes the foundation technique for effective visualizations.  He outlines the importance to be expressive and not to overdo it when it comes to color.  Spatial intelligence can also play a key factor in visualizing good charts and graphs. 

We offer a great test called the Spatial IQ Test which specifically tests your IQ using spatial reasoning.  If you take that test in conjunction with our verbal IQ Test, you can get an idea as to how your IQ score changes when using the different reasoning centers.

Maybe now you’ll know why that presentation turned out like it did!

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