What interviewers like to see in a job candidate

What interviewers like to see in a job candidate
With the nation’s unemployment rate still high, it is likely that jobseekers will face competition, no matter what position they are applying for. As a result, it may help candidates’ hiring prospects if they display certain characteristics during an interview.

For instance, while most companies do not actively pursue risk-takers, CBS MoneyWatch reported that organizations do like to see ambitious employees. This means that jobseekers will want to show their interviewer how they will go above and beyond what is expected of them at work.

Similarly, prospective employers want to see candidates who are confident, and not cautious or fearful, the news source stated. However, instead of bragging about their greatness, jobseekers should show that they are comfortable with what they have achieved professionally.

In addition to confidence, interviewers will also be looking for energy in those they are speaking to, according to the news outlet. Something else that jobseekers should bring to an interview is fresh ideas that can leave a company more impressed than underwhelmed.

During a job interview, it is also important for candidates to avoid telling jokes and discussing controversial topics, Quintessential Careers suggested.

Of course, how jobseekers act during interviews may be harder for some rather than others. As a result, these individuals may want to take a career test, which can help them identify positions that are a better fit for their personality and skills. 

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