What is the Florida FCAT?

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, more commonly known as the FCAT, is a series of exams given to students of specific grade levels over the course of their public school career.  As Florida’s public schools are guided by detailed “Sunshine State Standards” and benchmarks in all core realms of academia, the FCAT serves to critically measure students’ retention and comprehension of the mandatory curriculum. 

For example, students are assessed depending on grade level on information from topics such as:

·         Grades 3 through 10 – FCAT evaluates reading skills and abilities

·         Grades 5, 8, and 10 – FCAT evaluates reading, mathematics, and science skills and abilities

·         Additionally, grades 4, 8, and 10 evaluate key content material in addition to writing skills

In more closely examining the FCAT, the assessment focuses on “Sunshine State Standards,” which have gradually been established to represent the key material that Florida residents believe their children must understand at each specific grade level. 

For example, the FCAT reading assessments evaluate the construction of meaning from informational and literary texts, while the FCAT mathematics assessments evaluate students’ comprehension of the sense, concepts, and operations of numbers, while the math tests continue to gradually evaluate students’ measurement, geometry, spatial sense, algebraic, and data analysis skills. 

Practice for the Florida FCAT

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