What is the ITBS?

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or more commonly know as the "Iowa Test" or "ITBS Test" is a nationally administered assessment for children in grades kindergarten through eigth grade.  The test itself is divided into different levels which are roughly equated to a specific corresponding grade level.

Level 6 = Grade K-1

    The purpose of this test is to assess the extent to which the child is cognitively prepared to begin work in the academic aspects of the first grade curriculum.  It also includes a literacy assessment.

Level 7 = Grade 1
Level 8 = Grade 2

    The purpose of these tests are to provide information about a student’s progress in a curriculum that expands in breadth and depth with each additional grade level.  All primary subjects are included in this test including Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Science.

Level 9 = Grade 3
Level 10 = Grade 4
Level 11 = Grade 5
Level 12 = Grade 6
Level 13 = Grade 7
Level 14 = Grade 8

   These assessments are meant to determine a student’s level in each subject and content standard in efforts to help teachers improve individual instruction in those areas.

We offer comprehensive practice materials for all ITBS test levels for grades 1-8.

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