Why Americans Aren’t Dumb

Did you see the MSN article, “Why Americans Aren’t Dumb?”

It outlines the suggestion that we are entering a dark age of reason due to our “WII-playing” ways but then counters that by saying that our average IQ has increased steadily for decades.  Are we really Smarter than a Fifth Grader?  Are we increasing in intelligence from generation to generation or are we losing ground?

Kids seem to be doing both.  They are excelling at certain academic areas and yet the average American student can’t pick out America on the map.  But could the average American ever do this?

Why not try these concepts out yourself.  We offer a Kids IQ Test and a Free IQ Test for adults.  If you have kids, you can have them take their IQ Test, you can take your free quiz, and then both of you can compare the results!  Post your results as a comment to this blog.

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