Why SAT-10?

Many schools throughout the nation use the Stanford Achievement Test, Tenth Edition for their standardized assessment testing.  Tests such as these can be great tools to help pinpoint weaknesses as well as assess strengths.  Since the actual test can be used for placement and evaluation purposes, it is essential that students do well and are well prepared.  That is where our materials come into play.  Our SAT-10 practice tests can help students prepare and feel more comfortable and confident when taking the actual administered exam.

So, what is the purpose of the SAT-10 testing and how is it used?

Teachers use the assessments for multiple purposes.  These include (1) guiding their teaching curriculum to achieve higher success in the classroom, (2) measuring student performance on standards potentially for placement purposes, (3) identifying students at risk of being held back, and (4) giving parents an understanding of where their child stands.

When are the tests typically given?

The Stanford testing is typically given twice a year, but this can vary by school or district.  The most common assessment period is in March and April with some tests given as early as February and others as late as May and June.  This is the "end-of-year" testing designed to test the knowledge in the current grade level. 

Many schools also give "beginning-of-the-year" testing around October.  This early testing allows the teachers to compare scores with the previous end-of-year testing and assess where a student stands.  This can be an important baseline to gauge improvement throughout the year.

Practice for the Exams!

For additional information on the SAT-10 testing specifically and for test prep options, please visit our SAT-10 information page:

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