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Study shows that the brain can hold onto specific details over time

  Researchers from McMaster University found that when individuals use perceptual learning they are able to recall very specific information from what they learned one to two years earlier. The team of researchers defined perceptual learning as using visual and abstract patterns. In order to arrive at this conclusion, researchers asked participants to identify one […]

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Delivery method does not affect IQ test scores

Parents who wanted to enroll their children in California’s Dry Creek School District were surprised to find that one of the questions on their application asked how their children were delivered, the Daily Mail reports. Mothers who answered "caesarean section" were then required to explain why this procedure was performed. Although some individuals speculated that […]

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Researchers hope study results can lead to higher IQ test scores

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that the left and right hemispheres of the brain store information separately, Science News reports. Researchers hope this information can lead to the creation of techniques for boosting memory capacity, which is significant because working memory ability can affect IQ test […]

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Early childhood education can improve future well-being

  A recent study by researchers from the Human Capital Research Collaborative and the University of Minnesota shows that the quality of education that children receive when they are young greatly impacts their adulthood. In order to obtain these results, researchers used the Chicago Longitudinal Study. The professionals analyzed more than 1,400 people whose lives […]

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