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Many children develop TBIs after blows to the head

When children receive a severe blow to the head, it is essential they receive immediate medical attention, as they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even after these individuals recover, it does not hurt for parents to have them complete an IQ test for kids to see if their cognitive abilities have been affected in […]

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14-year-old needs visa to go to college

With the right mix of brains and drive, Arjun Singh, a resident of Kowloon City, Hong Kong, has the potential to become a stellar college student. According to the South China Morning Post, there is only one thing standing in his way – a visa. Arjun is only 14 years old and, as a result, is too young to receive […]

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Too much television may hamper kindergartners’ success

A strong start to students' academic careers in kindergarten could lay the foundation for long-term school success. However, the amount of television children are exposed to in their early years could derail their chances of excelling in kindergarten, according to a recent University of Montreal study. Based on research involving 1,006 boys and 991 girls in […]

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Where to go to find job opportunities

Individuals may have created a LinkedIn profile, taken a career test and attended networking events and still have no job. If this is the case, job seekers should consider whether or not it is them or the area they reside in. It may just be time for a change of scenery. Before people relocate for […]

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Hot cocoa can keep the body warm and the mind sharp

If senior citizens only treat themselves to hot cocoa on chilly days, they could be missing out on this warm beverage's cognitive benefits. New research from Harvard Medical School reveals that drinking hot cocoa daily may help older adults prevent neurological problems from developing, CBS News reported. More specifically, the study, which appears in "Neurology," found […]

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