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Mississippi school district provides gifted students with creative program

  Many schools around the country provide special programs for students that meet certain academic requirements, such as a high IQ. For example, gifted individuals from the Hattiesburg Public School District in Mississippi devote five hours a week to the REACH program, the Hattiesburg American reported. In total, there are 175 second through eighth graders […]

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Missouri schools open new facility for gifted students

  The National Association for Gifted Children states that there are an estimated 3,000,000 gifted children in classrooms throughout the country. As these students often learn differently from their fellow classmates, they can benefit from education programs that cater to their specific needs. Missouri’s Lindbergh Schools recognized the needs of gifted students and established a […]

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IQ test scores increase as adolescents get older

  For many individuals, it is a given that with age comes greater wisdom. Now, psychologists at the University of Texas at San Antonio know that adolecsents’ higher levels of intelligence are due to the fact that their mental speed increases. These are the findings of a recent study involving 6,969 adolescents, who were between […]

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