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Athleticism may be linked to larger brains

Individuals who consider themselves to be more athletic than their peers may want to take an IQ test and see if they are a little brainier as well. Based on new findings from researchers at the University of California, Riverside, athleticism is linked to larger midbrains – at least in certain house mice. In the […]

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Social media maintenance is necessary before a job interview

Based on the responses to a 2012 survey conducted by Adecco Staffing US, 70 percent of hiring managers believe that the presence of compromising content on millennial job seekers' social media pages can become a problem for them when interviewing for a position. As a result, millennials, and job seekers from other generations, should clean up their social […]

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Aerobics can help keep the brain fit

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult for people to fit exercise into their busy schedules. However, it is in individuals' best interest to try and fit physical activity in between whatever professional and personal responsibilities they have to contend with, as it may be able to prevent mental deterioration. A new review from […]

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Gifted student competes in app-designing competition

If people own a smartphone or tablet computer, it is likely they have downloaded and used at least one mobile app. After all, there have been more than 15 billion downloads from Google Play, which is just one of many app stores on the internet, according to TechCrunch. As these mobile programs are so popular, many of today's tech-savvy students may be tomorrow's app designers. A […]

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