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12 year old possesses an IQ of 162

According to the Chesham Examiner, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates both have an IQ of 160 – the same as Albert Einstein. Now, at just 12 years old, Amri Shakir has surpassed them all with an IQ of 162. Amri’s parents were aware of his talents, but had no idea how high his IQ actually […]

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Smaller brains linked to depression

Depression that goes untreated is known to take its toll on the lives of those who are afflicted with this mental health disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, anxiety, family conflicts and premature death are all considered to be complications of depression. Now, the results of a new study show that these feelings of sadness […]

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Impulsiveness linked to better math performance in boys

Some people believe that one gender is better at solving math problems than another. However, a 2011 study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison revealed that cultural and social factors, more so than biological ones, are what influences individuals' math performance. However, there is now evidence that suggests personality and behavior may also affect […]

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Tech-savvy toddler passionate about learning

When children begin to show signs that they are more talented than others their age, parents may want to have them take an IQ test for kids. According to the National Association for Gifted Children, testing provides parents with a way to document their kids’ talents and gifts. With this information, mothers and fathers can […]

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