Encouraging your child who’s gifted in the arts

When people think of gifted children they often only consider kids with high-level knowledge of topics like math and science. However, many children who have high IQs are gifted in the arts. If your children have impressive abilities in theater, dance, visual arts or music, here are some tips for encouraging them:

Expose your children to art
Inspiration is necessary to make any form of art. Inspire your children by playing music for them and taking them to museums, plays and shows. Seeing how others create their art can encourage your gifted children in mastering theirs.

Enroll them in classes
Think of the people who compete in the Olympics. Many of these individuals have been practicing gymnastics or ice skating since they were toddlers. If your children show an interest or skill in the arts, even as a 2- or 3-year-old, you can encourage them to grow their talents by enrolling them in classes. Many communities offer painting and sculpting courses, dance classes and music lessons to young kids. Also, see if there is a theater company in your area that puts on children's productions. You may see your kids' love of the arts blossom as they enjoy these stimulating activities.

Provide the necessary tools
If a child doesn't have access to paint they will never become the next Picasso. You can help your children explore their creative sides by offering them the tools to do so. Everything from markers and crayons to a space to practice pirouettes can show your gifted children that you acknowledge and value their interests. With your support, these kids can go on to perform for the Joffrey Ballet or create works of art that are hung in national galleries. 

Applaud imagination
Artistically gifted kids may make art at a young age, but it isn't always of a high quality yet. Instead, these kids may show their advanced intellect through impressive imaginations. Your children may play make-believe for hours, thinking up magical worlds full of fantastical creatures and complex characters. While they may not translate these imaginative creations to paper, dance or music, the mere act of coming up with the ideas shows impressive development and expression. Once their fine motor skills and sense of color grow with age, these kids may begin painting vivid images and putting on lengthy theater or dance shows to bring their ideas to life. 

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