The importance of early learning for gifted children

Gifted children often begin to show their intellect at a young age. They begin learning language and reading as toddlers and develop impressive interests and hobbies. It's very important to enroll kids with high IQs in early learning. Preschool, Head Start and similar programs provide a place for these children to further their interests.

What is early learning
According to the White House, preschools are the catalyst of a child's education. These institutions introduce children ages 3 to 5 to numbers, letters, colors, shapes and more. At this age, gifted children can learn the foundation of their future knowledge. Plus, the programs are also a form of child care that offers more learning opportunities than most day cares, babysitters or nannies.

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Social Organization of Schools wrote that early learning promotes cognitive and socio-emotional development. Some states are working on universal preschool plans to allow all pre-K children access to early education opportunities. 

The social aspects of early learning
Gifted children often have trouble socializing. Because of their high intellect, they are sometimes seen as weird or even showoffs, and other kids may treat them badly. You can help your gifted children develop age-appropriate social skills by placing them in early education programs. Preschools, Head Starts and the like involve groups of children and promote socialization. Kids learn from one another and come to understand social cues. Plus, teachers help enforce proper behavior.

Early learning and college
When your gifted children are not even in kindergarten, college seems a very long way off. However, the ACT noted that students who don't start learning early may have a gap in their education that can lead to poor performance and low grades in school. Because learning is cumulative and builds over time, it's necessary to enroll young kids in early education to start their learning right away. ACT also stated that kids develop interests that affect the rest of their lives. Providing gifted children with early learning offers them a chance to delve into topics that may affect their future college majors and even career choices. 

To find an early education program near you, search for local schools on your state's department of education website. Consider looking for a school with a gifted and talented program to provide your children with ample opportunities to grow and improve.

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