Top 3 reason to test your child’s IQ

IQ tests evaluate a person's intelligence and award a score based on their performance. The IQ score a person earns can change over time. Some parents may wonder what the point is of having their children take an IQ test if the outcome is likely to be different in the future anyway. Despite the fact that your children's intelligence can and probably will fluctuate as they grow and learn, knowing their IQ score comes with some benefits. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider testing your children's IQ:

1. Assess the need for alternative programs
Many schools have gifted programs geared toward children who are exceptionally intelligent. These programs are typically structured as an additional course outside of your children's normal class load. However, some programs include gifted courses that are advanced versions of other classes. The kids who are in gifted programs create and complete unique and challenging projects meant to give them creative freedom. Unfortunately, schools don't always recognize a child who is very intelligent, and some students never have the opportunity to join a gifted program. Ensure your children get the educational challenge they need by opting for IQ tests. The score is a quantitative way to advocate for your children's intelligence. 

2. Monitor your children's intellectual growth
Intelligence can change over time. It's affected by things such as your children starting a new grade in school, learning an instrument or picking up another language. As your children learn more and face new mental challenges, their intelligence is likely to improve. By testing your children's IQ when they are young and again when they are older, you'll be able to mark how much they've improved. Be aware that though the score may change, the difference won't be dramatic.

3. Create realistic expectations
Parents want their children to succeed in school and in their careers, which is a good thing. However, that desire can turn into pressure. Some parents are sure their kids are highly intelligent because of behavior they've noticed at home. This can lead to some parents asking too much of their children. By having your kids take an IQ test, you'll know exactly how intelligent they are right now, giving you realistic expectations. Note that just because kids are smart doesn't mean they'll end up as the valedictorian. Some very intelligent children don't perform at the top of their class – Albert Einstein, though he did well in school, was considered a "bad" student by many of his teachers. 

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