Missouri schools open new facility for gifted students

 Missouri schools open new facility for gifted students

The National Association for Gifted Children states that there are an estimated 3,000,000 gifted children in classrooms throughout the country. As these students often learn differently from their fellow classmates, they can benefit from education programs that cater to their specific needs.

Missouri’s Lindbergh Schools recognized the needs of gifted students and established a new facility for its Lindbergh Eager Achievers Program (LEAP), South County Times reported.

At the Schools, children who are identified as gifted students are placed into LEAP, which is the elementary portion of the Lindbergh’s gifted education program, according to the Schools’ website. Kindergartners who take part in LEAP devote one half-day per week to the program, while pupils in the first through fifth grades take part in a full day of LEAP learning on a weekly basis.

On September 26, students had an opportunity to explore the new LEAP facility, which features five classrooms with the latest digital technology and a playground, the news source reported.

Parents who feel their children may be gifted can have them take an IQ test. The results of this assessment can help parents and school officials make sure these youths are placed in the appropriate academic settings.

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