Career tests can help companies avoid hiring mistakes

 Career tests can help companies avoid hiring mistakes

When employers hire new workers, most are relatively confident in these individuals’ ability to do the job for which they have been hired. However, as time passes, it may become apparent that these employees are not a good match for their new role.

In a recent survey, Robert Half Finance & Accounting polled more than 1,400 chief financial officers (CFOs) to learn what factors make a new employee a failed hire. Aside from poor performance, 36 percent of respondents cited a poor skills match as the main reason why a worker did not work out at their companies.

Results also showed that 30 percent of CFOs cited unclear performance expectations, 17 percent blamed personality conflicts and 14 percent pointed to a failure to fit into corporate culture.

"Companies can’t afford hiring mistakes, which are costly and can erode staff morale," said Max Messmer, chairman and chief executive officer of Robert Half International. "Finding the right match requires time and attention, and it’s something even busy managers need to make time for."

For both organizations and jobseekers, a career test can provide a solution to common hiring mistakes. The results of this assessment can help companies weed out poor candidates, while individuals can use the knowledge they acquire to find a job that best suits their skill set.

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