‘America’s Next Top Model’ uses IQ test to screen contestants

'America's Next Top Model' uses IQ test to screen contestants

Many people believe the stereotype that models are not highly intelligent, but if these beautiful professionals want to compete on the reality TV show "America's Next Top Model," they have to first prove their knowledge. Tyra Banks, the show's host and creator, recently told Glamour magazine that as part of the screening process, all contestants must take an IQ test.

While this may seem strange, the executive producers of the show told Glamour that the process of using an IQ test is not unusual for reality television.

"Testing basic intelligence is very common in reality shows, especially competition ones, and just one of several factors that are considered in the casting process," they said in a statement.

As the current season of the hit show features college students, Banks said the contestants are smarter than ever and boast the highest IQs. Still, that does not mean past cycles of the show have not featured their fair share of intelligent contestants. According to The Huffington Post, previous seasons included brainy models like Yale University student Victoria Marshman and pre-med student Elyse Sewell.

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