Games designed to improve intelligence

Games designed to improve intelligence

Some people believe that the more they use technology, the smarter they will become. Then, there are those who feel that gadgets like spellcheckers and video games do not do much for their intelligence.

However, as more people purchase smartphones and devices like the Apple iPad, more companies are releasing mobile applications that are designed to boost the brain power of individuals who use these gadgets. Mesa Legend recently highlighted a few of the games that are designed to appeal to anybody who is looking to keep their mind sharp and have fun at the same time.

For example, Brain Fit is an iPad game that is designed to engage a user’s mind, according to the news source. The program provides visual stimulation through the use of bright colors.

Past research has shown connections between technology and cerebral benefits. For example, according to the results of a University of California, Los Angeles study, searching on the internet may be able to provide a form of exercise for the brain, Computerworld reported.

Individuals who use technology several times a day and are curious to see what impact it has had on their intelligence may want to take an IQ test.


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