Gifted students put on creative play about recycling

Gifted students put on creative play about recycling

In the event that children display outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in at least one domain, they may be gifted, according to the National Association for Gifted Children.

If children are found to be gifted, then parents may want to enroll them in special schools or programs that allow them to learn alongside peers with similar levels of aptitude. In addition, the teachers who work with these students have typically received the training necessary to provide them with activities that will keep them challenged and intellectually stimulated.

For instance, at Puente de Hozho Elementary School, art teacher Craig Bowie recently helped seven gifted students put on a play about recycling, the Arizona Daily Sun reported. Bowie acted more as a supervisor during the production’s rehearsals, as he likes to let the students drive the projects they work on.

The students ended up creating a play that explained what is recyclable at school and created costumes made out of items such as newspaper, food cans and milk jugs.

If parents feel that their child may benefit from participating in activities like the recycling play, then they may want to have him or her complete an IQ test for kids.

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