Hiring on the rise for college graduates

More students are wondering about their options

As graduation ceremonies appear to be kicking off left and right, many students approaching the podium are wondering what their chances of finding a job in this economy are like.

However, recent surveys have suggested that the hiring of college graduates is on the upswing. According to the Sacramento Bee, more than four in 10 seniors have already received job offers, representing a 3 percentage point increase from last year.

Still, it is important that those without job offers establish a clear plan as to how they will attract potential hiring managers. A way to do this is by taking a career aptitude test in order to determine where one’s strengths lie.

Although most college graduates have an idea of what field they want to enter into, a career aptitude test can help them pinpoint the exact profession, as these exams weigh one’s characteristics such as leadership, sympathy, assertiveness and other qualities in order to make a correct fit.

Career aptitude tests can have people considering a job opportunity that they may not have otherwise thought of in the past.

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