Illinois gifted students make a difference at local hospital

Illinois gifted students make a difference at local hospital

If parents believe their children could be capable of learning at a higher level, they may want to have them complete an IQ test for kids. Should young test takers turn out to be quite advanced for their age, their parents can begin the process of finding gifted schools or programs that will suit their learning needs. Placing children in the right programs early on is essential to their development, as the National Association for Gifted Children states that various factors can either enhance or inhibit their abilities.

In some cases, participating in gifted programs can translate to an array of opportunities non-gifted students do not have a chance to take advantage of. At Illinois' Maine East High School for example, advanced learners could be eligible for the institution's Gifted Lyceum Program, according to the Park Ridge Herald-Advocate. Over the next two years, juniors and seniors who score in the top 5 percent of their class will be spending some time helping out at nearby Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.

For gifted students in the Lyceum Program, the chance to collaborate with officials from Advocate's Child Life Program provides an opportunity to experience something most high schoolers do not. When visiting the Hospital, students will spend much of their time in its pediatrics unit, where they will work to improve the lives of young patients. For some pupils, their experiences at Lutheran General Hospital may even turn out to be useful in their future careers.

"I’m really excited because healthcare and working with kids is something I’m passionate about," Alex Plezia, a junior and a member of the Gifted Lyceum Program, told the news source.

Sometime before Christmas, the gifted students plan to hold a Santa's workshop event, which will allow them to wrap presents for kids staying at the Hospital.


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