A career test may point to engaging employment options

A career test may be able to show people which positions would keep them engaged, happy and productive.
The book Career Counseling states that students and other individuals may benefit from taking a career test in order to give their professional lives more focus and direction. These assessments can show people what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as how various work environments would suit them.

According to a new study by the Association for Psychological Science, it may be important for people to find careers that they feel connected to, as employees who are engaged in their jobs tend to be more productive and open to new information.

Additionally, the study shows that it may also be important for people to gauge their professional strengths from a career test, as workers respond better when their work is challenging. This could indicate that individuals who feel they are not properly using their skills in their position may not produce high-quality work as a result.

Still, the report states that for most employees, there is a cycle between work engagement, happiness and productivity. The researchers stated that when workers become more engaged in their jobs, they tend to be happier, while workers who are more satisfied are frequently more productive. 

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