High IQ test scores allow American student to place eighth in Brain Triathlon

 Students from across the globe recently went to Singapore to participate in a competition that involved an IQ test.

Alabama’s Nick Burt, a recent high school graduate, had the opportunity to travel to Singapore in order to compete in the Brain Triathlon, Baldwin County Now reports. Burt was one of 28 students from across the globe who participated in the competition. In order to qualify for the event, Burt took a pretest that was given to all International Baccalaureate (IB) students in high school.

During his stay in Singapore, Burt competed in the Brain Triathlon for two days. According to the news outlet, this is the program’s first year and it was open to all English-speaking high school seniors who were enrolled in IB programs.

The competition’s website states that students who participated came from schools in countries such as India, Singapore, Australia, Qatar and the UK. The event was held at S.P. Jain, a Singapore university.

The competition includes an essay contest, a general knowledge assessment and an IQ test. Once his scores were assessed by judges, Burt placed in the final eight, the news provider reports.

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