Sick children may not be able to achieve the same education, job opportunities as healthy counterparts

Ailing children may have a harder time in their academic and professional careers

Children who face a serious illness such as cancer or diabetes have a long fight in their early years. However, a new study is suggesting that even after they either overcome the illness or find a way to live with it, there are still other obstacles they will face in their academic and professional lives.

HealthDay News reports that children who suffered from cancer, diabetes or epilepsy were less likely to attain the same level of education or job opportunities than healthy children.

"The majority are successful, but they are at a greater risk of being unemployed, not completing their education and receiving financial assistance," said lead researcher Dr. Gary R. Maslow, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The researchers found that stresses that come along with the illness, including financial hardships, family stress and the toll fighting the disease takes on the body are all reasons that students who have a disease early in life have difficulty reaching the same standards.

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