More Americans considering other offers

Job opportunities could be arising for more people

As the market begins to open, more professionals are looking at their options in terms of job opportunities and potential salaries.

A new survey by Harris Interactive that was conducted for Plateau Systems reveals that the majority of Americans would consider a new job opportunity if it arose this year. The researchers report that although the majority of surveyed workers were happy in their current situation, they would still jump at the chance of another opportunity if it came along.

"There’s a lot of talk about widespread job dissatisfaction, so we were frankly surprised by the findings," said Jeff Kristick, senior vice president of marketing at Plateau. "The large percent of passive job seekers presents an interesting challenge for HR leaders as the predicted ‘war for talent’ heats up – this is clearly larger than a top performer’s problem."

Those who are looking for job opportunities may want to consider taking a career aptitude test in order to find a position that would match their qualifications and personality.


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