Study demonstrates the ups and downs of language patterns during childhood development

Communication can be difficult during child development 

When children are in the developmental stages, there is a lot that goes into marking points of fully evolving. For example, speech is one of the major markings of childhood development. However, a new study suggests that using language is akin to a roller coaster ride, as children attempt to embrace and forget certain vernacular language patterns.

One way to help with language development is through education. Researchers from North Carolina State University found that teaching standard English to children at a young age and then revisiting it later in their curriculum may allow students to graduate with a strong understanding of the language.

Children typically start out with vernacular English, which is why instilling standard English at a young age is important to calm the "roller coaster" effect. Study researcher, Dr. Walt Wolfram, William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor of English Linguistics at NC State, said that although this may work in the beginning, it’s important to readdress later in a child’s life to make sure the language sticks.

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