Personality test usage on the rise in U.S. businesses

Personality tests are increasing in usage from hiring managers 

The job market is increasingly difficult to break into, and it’s become a stiff competition in terms of how many people are applying for the same job. However, while qualifications may be one thing that hiring managers look at when choosing a potential candidate, one’s personality may also have something to do with it.

Fox Business, which is owned by Fox News, reports that more companies are choosing to incorporate personality tests into their hiring process. The news provider specifies that more than 80 percent of mid- to large-size businesses are incorporating personality tests as part of the interview.

"They’re used to assess fit to the job or fit to the company," Scott Erker, a senior vice president of Development Dimensions International, a global human resources consultancy, told the news provider.

He continued that it’s beneficial for both the company and the prospective employee, saying "If I fit a job and enjoy it, I will stay longer."

personality test can help match up an individual’s personal qualities with potential job tasks in order to determine if it would be a good fit.

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