Technology can be used to jumpstart a career

 Technology can help job seekers find an ideal position.

In the era of technology, there are many ways for people to look for jobs. For example, ClickZ, a marketing news website, recommends that individuals use the social networking site LinkedIn to land their next position.

Once users create a LinkedIn account, they can click the tab titled "jobs" on the top of the screen. This will lead individuals to an internal search engine that can show them what positions are available in a variety of regions, as well as the specific employers who are searching for applicants. The news source recommends that people send a LinkedIn message to hiring managers and ask if they can send them their resumes.

Another option at this step of the process is to ask the employer for their email or work address, which is another way of sending a resume.

Job seekers who are not sure what industries they wish to work in can also benefit from using technology to take an online career test. According to the book Career Counseling, these examinations can show people what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as how they would fit in various positions and work environments.  

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